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Artificial Intelligence

Takisha Software is one of the leader in implementing cutting-edge IT solutions in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. Today, that includes being at the forefront of an AI-first Business. For years, experts have talked about the future of Artificial Intelligence, and at Takisha Software, we believe that future is now. Over the year from around the world report that they want to incorporate AI into their business practices. But why wait when the technology is already transforming every aspect of the way an organization operates?

No matter your industry or the size of your organization, there are AI services and solutions that can be integrated into your business model to improve the way you do everything from advertise to interact with current customers. Whether you manage a small start-up or a Fortune 500 Company, our goal is to help you analyse your individual needs and challenges, develop a unique plan to meet them, and put that plan into action.

How Can Becoming an AI-first Business Benefit You?

Becoming an AI-First Business means getting ahead of the competition and becoming a leader in your industry. It means a more personalized and seamless experience for your customers, from the moment they hear about your product or service to the moment they complete their transactions and beyond. It means more productivity from your staff. AI-First businesses have the technology to free their employees from monotonous daily tasks so they can tap into their creativity and focus more on the aspects of business that still require a human touch.

Artificial Intelligence is not a one-size-fits-all solution, however. It incorporates numerous aspects of technology, platforms, and services tailored to meet your specific business needs. That’s why Takisha Software offers solutions to AI as a Service (AIaaS) implementation.

AI Advisory

If your business or organization is new to AI, but you still want to make it an essential part of your strategy, Takisha Software’s AI Advisory Workshop is the best place to start. You will finish the process with a better understanding of exactly what is artificial intelligence, how it is currently improving your industry, and inspiration for incorporating it into your business model. Key elements of our workshops include:

  •   Educational sessions for your organization’s C-suite executives
  •   Brainstorming sessions to determine how AI will impact your specific industry
  •   The opportunity to put together a business case to determine the benefits of AI as they relate to your organization
AI Solutions

If you already know that AI is right for your business, and you are ready to begin implementation but do not want to go through the hassle of putting together your own internal AI team, Takisha Software offers innovative solutions by combining the following elements:

  •   Use of customer-owned IP and solutions
  •   Development and IT teams with access to world-class research from the top academic institutions
  •   Customer collaboration to create a unique plan tailored specifically for your organization
  •   Assistance with the implementation of AI technology
  •   Management and continuous support for your infrastructure as it relates to your AI solutions
AI as a Service

If you have already recognized AI as the way of the future and are ready to make a complete investment, AIaaS is the best option. We apply our expertise in building AI technology to your existing platforms by integrating customized AI solutions via web programs and an API. We host and manage your AI applications, and you do not have to put together an internal team. AIaaS elements include:

  •   Joint and/or customer-owned IP development
  •   Identification of business opportunities for AI application
  •   Revenue share business model
  •   Development and implementation of AIaaS
  •   Development of API to leverage AI power
  •   Management and continuous support for your infrastructure as it relates to your AI solutions.