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Hardware, Networking & System Administration

Hardware, Networking & System Administration

Takisha Software specializes in IT and Network Support and installing business computer networks. The Networking Company provides broadband, internet services, hardware, offsite backup and VPNs to businesses.

Hardware and Networking is a vast field in India. It refers to the process of supplying data and information by linking the group of networks using hardware’s such as switches, hubs, gateways, access points, network interface cards, networking cables. To be more specific, hardware networking includes all peripherals, computers, interface cards and other tools required for communications and data processing in the network.

We are computer hardware professionals who take care of the maintenance of computer hardware, while networking involves connecting a group of 2 or more computer systems for sharing data and information. Besides looking after computer maintenance, they are also liable for supervising and designing the hardware installation and manufacturing process. The increasing use of computer, laptops and internets has expanded the scope of hardware and networking sector widely.